Sale of apartments and stores

Choose the plan that's right for you

Some people may consider selling their apartments and stores for various reasons. It varies depending on each situation, such as the management of the apartment is not remarkably good, the business situation of the store is bad, etc. That's why it's important to think carefully about your needs and circumstances and choose the best plan for you. When selling apartments and stores, we understand your needs well, propose the best plan, and support the sale procedure.


Do you have any of these concerns about
selling your apartment or store?

  • The occupancy rate is poor, and I am worried about whether I can sell it due to a change of ownership.
  • If you sell your apartment land, you will be wondering how much it will sell.
  • I want to sell the equipment used in the store along with the building.
  • Even if the location is poor, I am worried about whether it will sell at a high price.


Regarding the sale of apartments and stores, we will listen to the customer's intentions and propose real estate tailored to each customer. In the case of apartments and stores, I think it will be especially important to know how to implement the management policy. In addition to proposing the optimal plan, we also carefully support the sale procedure. Please feel free to contact us.

Sale Plan


Owner Change Plan

It is a plan to sell an apartment or store you already own and buy a new apartment or store. We may be able to solve the problem by doing business in a new apartment or store, operating it for investment, or selling existing problems, and operate according to the customer's wishes. We will also propose whether it can be solved by changing the owner.


Equipment Reuse Plan

It is also possible to sell the facilities of an apartment or store that you already own. If you leave the equipment as it is, the next person who will use it will often agree to buy the property with a cheap capital investment, so it can be said that it is easier to buy and sell according to the intentions of both parties by reusing and using the equipment as it is without forcibly taking it out.


Upgrade Plan

It is a plan to sell an existing apartment or store and buy an apartment or store in better conditions. By upgrading, you may be able to operate more efficiently. You may be able to change your address or location and earn a different amount of money. We will propose it so that you can sell it and improve the efficiency of your apartment / store.