Sale of a detached house

Selling a detached house to a reliable real estate company

The sale of detached houses is a very big event because there are many properties that customers have carefully owned, and selling them is a very big event. We will make suggestions to help you sell your house. When selling, we first evaluate the land and ancillary buildings, if any. This will provide you with information that can be used to help you determine the sale price. We provide advice and support to ensure that the procedures associated with the sale of a detached house proceed smoothly, and conduct real estate transactions that can be trusted by our customers.


Do you have any of these concerns about
selling your house?

  • You may not be able to pay your mortgage in the future.
  • Won't it be sold cheaper than when you bought it?
  • The anxiety of leaving the area where you lived for a long time.
  • Isn't it taking time to find new housing?



By checking the valuation and market price of the land to be sold and comparing the price, you can avoid selling at a price lower than you think. It is also important to have a plan for where you will live and what kind of life you will live after the sale. Please leave the support for finding a rental, new house or residence to us.


Sale Plan


Replacement Plan

The plan is to sell the detached house you already own and buy a detached house in a new area. If you have any inconvenience in your life in an old building, you may be able to solve your life problems by switching to a new building. Even for the detached house to be sold, we will take all possible measures firmly. Also, if you are transferring to a new building, we will firmly support you to see if you can handle the mortgage.


Investment Change Plan

If circumstances arise that force you to leave the detached house where you lived, you can use it as a rental if you can use it for investment in order to make effective use of the detached house. After that, it can be sold as a change of ownership. We will also support this flow.


Plans to sell part of a residential lot or building

We also support those who are considering selling only a part of the detached residential land or building they own. For example, we will consider the procedures necessary to divide the land that is too large and propose a management method after the sale.