Sale of land


Leave the consultation on sale to the professionals


There are many items that we have to consider when selling land, such as checking the boundaries of the land, conducting environmental surveys of the land, and how to deal with existing buildings if they exist. We will give you advice according to your needs and situation. We also have extensive knowledge of laws and regulations regarding the sale of land, so please feel free to contact us.

Do you have any of these concerns about
selling your land?

  • I own land like a wilderness, so I'm worried about whether I can sell it.
  • Can land with battered buildings be sold?
  • I'm worried about how much taxes and fees will be charged for the sale.
  • I want to know if there is any merit in selling the land.



When buying and selling real estate on land that is difficult to sell, it is possible to choose a reliable company by checking the reviews and professional services when choosing a real estate company or intermediary. We can help you with the proceedings and legal issues involved in the sale, so you can proceed with the sale with confidence.


Sale Plan


Land sale plan for condominiums

We offer sales plans for the most suitable land for condominiums. We will investigate the condition of the land in detail and provide consultation based on the merits of building as a condominium after the sale, such as surrounding facilities and places with good transportation access.


Land Sale Plan for Residential Areas

We provide land sales plans for residential areas and residential areas. For residential land, we explain in detail the documents and surveys necessary for sale, and proceed smoothly with the sale.


Land Sale Plan for Commercial Facilities

We provide sales plans for the most suitable land for the construction of commercial facilities. We strictly investigate the land as commercially viable land, and propose real estate transactions that satisfy our customers, such as considering fluctuations in the sale price for places where stable commercial business can be expected after the sale.