Handling of inherited properties

Please leave it to us for inheritance problems that are prone to trouble.

An inherited property is real estate that will be inherited by a will or division of an estate. At our company, we have experienced staff in handling inherited properties, so please be assured that inheritance problems that are prone to trouble can occur. In addition, since there are various points to note in the inheritance procedure, we will propose a plan that meets your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

What we can do


Assistance with inheritance procedures

We can assist you with the inheritance process. There are many troublesome procedures and precautions for inheritance, so you can consult with confidence even if you do not have that knowledge. In addition, legal procedures can be carried out smoothly, so please feel free to contact us.


Asset Management of Inherited Properties

We can perform asset management to utilize inherited properties as assets for customers. We will propose plans such as real estate investment, renovation, and rental that meet your needs. We value communication with customers and provide courteous after-sales service.


Sale of inherited property

It is also possible to sell the inherited property in order to make effective use of it. We will assess and sell your inherited property to the maximum. In order to sell at the price you want, we start by maximizing the appraisal of your inheritance. After considering the price desired by the customer, we will propose sales methods and marketing strategies.

Procedures required for sale

  • Hold inheritance division discussions

    Estate division consultation means that the heirs divide the inheritance. An heir is a person who inherits an inheritance by will or law. Estate division talks allow for reconciliation because the inheritance can be divided so that the inheritance can be distributed equally among the heirs. In addition, by holding inheritance division consultations, disputes regarding the division of heritage can be prevented.

  • Apply for inheritance registration

    In order to apply for inheritance registration, you must first decide the type and quantity of inheritance to be registered and the heirs. Next, prepare the necessary documents for inheritance registration. This includes wills, estate division agreements, identity certificates, etc. Finally, in order to apply for inheritance registration, it is necessary to apply to the district court under the jurisdiction of the local government.

  • Ask a real estate company to sell

    First of all, it is important to choose a reliable real estate company. When selecting a real estate company, refer to word of mouth, reputation, track record, etc. It is also important to properly assess your inherited property before asking a real estate company to sell your inherited property. The appraisal takes into account the condition of the inherited property, its location, and the surrounding environment. As for the appraisal, it is often done by a real estate company, but you can also be in charge of an independent appraiser.

  • Apply for registration of transfer of ownership

    An ownership transfer agreement is an agreement that transfers ownership of real estate. The transfer agreement contains information about the property to be transferred, the names and addresses of the source and destination, and the type and limits of ownership to be transferred. Prepare the ownership transfer agreement, prepare the registration application, and submit the registration application.

  • Distribute the proceeds of the sale among the heirs

    Distributing the proceeds of the sale between heirs means an equal distribution of the inheritance among the heirs. In order to distribute the proceeds of the sale, it is first necessary to decide on the distribution method that the heirs agree on. Distribution methods include conducting estate division consultations and dividing the estate through legal procedures.

Precautions for inherited properties

The right to own an inherited property is given only to the heirs. Therefore, no one other than the heir can use the inherited property. In addition, the heir can transfer the inherited property, but before transferring, it is necessary to carry out inheritance procedures. Also, heirs who own inherited property will have to pay maintenance costs. Maintenance and management costs refer to the costs necessary to preserve the inherited property.

  • Inheritance tax on gifts

    Inheritance tax is a tax imposed on property received through inheritance or gift. Inheritance tax is determined according to the value of the property owned by the heir or gift recipient. In Japan, the inheritance tax rate is 40%, but if it is between relatives who inherit or gift, deductions and reduced tax rates may be applied in the same way as income tax. In addition, in order to reduce inheritance tax, you can consider donation and gift payment tax as inheritance tax measures. When making an inheritance or gift, it is important to have knowledge about inheritance tax and take measures.

  • There is a deadline for filing and paying inheritance tax

    There is a deadline for filing and paying inheritance tax. The inheritance tax return must be filed within 10 months from the day following the date on which the inheritance or gift occurred. If the deadline for filing and paying inheritance tax has passed, delinquent payments will be imposed, so it is important to strictly observe the deadline when inheriting or gifting.

  • Penalty if deadline is missed

    If the deadline for filing inheritance tax has passed, delinquent payments will be imposed. In the unlikely event that the filing deadline has passed, you can minimize the delinquent payment by filing the declaration promptly.