If you want to consult with a contractor to sell a property in Niseko, the problem is choosing a contractor to consult with. 
What kind of company should I choose to consult with? 
We will explain how to choose a consultant when selling a property in Niseko. 

■Where can I consult about selling a property in Niseko? 

The contact points where you can consult about selling properties in Niseko are as follows.

・Specialist agents who specialize in Niseko properties 

The typical consultation point for selling Niseko properties is specialized agents (real estate companies). 
In addition to specific consultations such as ``I want to sell,'' specialists can also provide consultations such as ``I'm confused between selling and operating a property,'' and ``I want to sell in the future, but what should I do first?'' 
A specialist company can be used as a comprehensive point of contact when you have trouble with a property in Niseko.

・Professionals such as judicial scriveners and tax accountants 

Judicial scriveners and tax accountants can also serve as a point of contact when selling a property. 
However, as a professional, we do not deal with the sale of properties itself. 
For example, a tax accountant can provide tax consultation and procedures when selling a property, but the tax accountant will not sell the property in Niseko themselves. 
Judicial scriveners basically only provide consultation regarding registration at the time of sale. 
We will be your point of contact for inquiries regarding sales taxes, laws, registration, etc.

・Financial institutions such as banks 

Financial institutions such as banks are also a point of contact related to the sale of properties in Niseko. 
However, banks and other financial institutions do not necessarily support the sale of properties in Niseko. 
It serves as a point of contact when services such as loans are involved. 
For example, let's say you have a loan balance on a property in Niseko that you want to sell. 
In such cases, the bank you are borrowing from may serve as your point of contact. 

■How to choose someone to consult when selling 

a property When selling a property in Niseko, we recommend consulting with a specialist (real estate company) who is a comprehensive point of contact for real estate and sales procedures. 
We recommend choosing a specialist to consult based on the following points: 

1. Do they have a good understanding of the area called Niseko? 
→ Is the company specialized in the area and knowledgeable about market prices and information 
?2. Are you able to support the procedures necessary for the sale, such as taxes and registration 
? → Do you have knowledge of the connections with professionals and taxes related to the sale? 
3. Is it possible to provide support in languages ​​other than Japanese, such as English? 
→ Since properties in Niseko are popular overseas, it is desirable to have a professional company that can provide support in English 

■Finally, if you 

want to sell or sell If you have any concerns about properties in Niseko, such as "I'm confused about how to manage the property," please leave it to us, a community-based specialist. 
As we are a specialized company specializing in the Niseko area, we are strong in local circumstances, market prices, and sales channels. 
We can also support you with specialized matters such as taxes, and we can also provide support in English. 
It is also possible to buy and sell overseas. 
If you have any concerns about properties in Niseko, please feel free to contact us. 

If you are selling a property in the Niseko area, leave it to Niseko Field House.

Who is the recommended person to consult when selling a property in Niseko? Explaining how to choose etc.