If you have a vacant house, inherited property, or unused vacation home in Niseko, there are two options. 

◎Utilize real estate in Niseko

◎Sell real estate in Niseko

If you are confused about whether to sell or utilize real estate, which method is recommended? 

We will explain how to make decisions when you have trouble dealing with real estate in Niseko. 

■Is it better to use or sell real estate in Niseko? 

If you are having trouble dealing with real estate in Niseko, why not consider the advantages and disadvantages of selling and using it? 

It is also important to consider Niseko's regional characteristics when making your decision. 

・Advantages and disadvantages of using real estate in Niseko

There is the advantage of earning rental income by utilizing unused real estate such as vacant houses, inherited properties, and villas in Niseko. 

If you have someone to use it, you can prevent vacant houses, inherited properties, vacation homes, etc. from falling into disrepair. 

It is also possible to use it first and then eventually live in it for yourself or your family (use it again as a vacation home). 

If you use vacant houses, inherited properties, villas, etc. in Niseko, you will have to pay property taxes and repair costs. 

The tenant must bear the costs and labor and maintain the conditions in which the tenant can live at the bare minimum. 

・Advantages and disadvantages of selling real estate in Niseko

When you sell your Niseko property, you don't have to worry about maintenance. 

There is no need to pay taxes such as property tax. 

The advantage is that it eliminates the financial burden and labor required for maintenance and management. 

Being able to receive a large amount of sales proceeds is also an advantage. 

The disadvantage of selling real estate in Niseko is that it cannot be used for any other purpose after that. 

However, if you have no plans to use a vacant house, inherited property, vacation home, etc. in the future, there are no particular disadvantages. 

■Niseko's regional characteristics and real estate market prices

If you are unsure whether to sell or utilize real estate in Niseko, we recommend that you refer to regional characteristics and market prices. 

Niseko is world-famous for its quality snow. 

It is known as an area where you can enjoy snow sports. 

Niseko is popular around the world as a vacation home and tourist destination, and is known for being a region visited by many people from Japan and abroad. 

The market price of real estate such as land and properties in Niseko remains high. 

This is because Niseko is a tourist destination and villa area that attracts worldwide attention. 

If you are unsure about whether to sell or utilize real estate in Niseko, we recommend that you make a decision based on these characteristics of Niseko and the market price. 


If you are unsure about what to do with real estate in Niseko, such as a vacant house, an inherited property, or an unused villa, please feel free to contact us as a community-based specialist. 

When deciding how to sell or utilize real estate, it is necessary to consider various information such as advantages and disadvantages, market conditions, and regional characteristics. 

Based on that, each owner needs to think about which method is best. 

We are experts in Niseko's area and real estate situation, so we will make proposals for utilization or sale based on the type of real estate, circumstances, market price, etc. 

If you are in doubt, please contact Niseko Field House.

Is it recommended to use real estate in Niseko? Or sell? How to decide when in doubt