Introduction to Online Business Negotiations

You can conduct online business negotiations even in distant places, so you can operate with confidence.


In recent years, due to the spread of desk work, more and more companies have adopted online meetings and remote work, and the number of companies that provide online business negotiation services is increasing. The online business negotiation service is easy to use because you can have business negotiations at home, at a café, or on a business trip. In addition, since you can share data and share the screen, you can record it and use the online business negotiation service in an easy-to-understand manner while looking at the screen.

Benefits of Online Negotiations

  • You can communicate directly even from a long distance

    Even if you are far away, you can communicate with the online business negotiation service. You can easily use it because you can hold online business negotiations not only at home, but also at business trips and cafes.

  • No travel time and you can make effective use of your time

    If you visit, you may encounter problems such as travel time and daily schedule adjustment. Online business negotiations do not require time to travel, so you can make effective use of your time.

  • Be ready to record

    During online business negotiations, use computers, smartphones, and tablets to conduct business negotiations. Since you can share data and share the screen, you can easily understand the contents of business negotiations and leave them as data.

What you need for online business negotiations

  • Smartphone, tablet, or PC

  • Internet connection environment

  • Email address

One of the web video calling apps

The cost of communication will be borne by the customer.

Since the amount of communication tends to be large, we recommend connecting in a Wi-Fi environment.

  • zoom

  • Line

  • Skype

  • Face Time

Flow of online business negotiations

  • STEP 1

    Request from the inquiry form

    In the [Inquiry content] column, please fill in "Consultation content, online business negotiation request, desired date and time, desired web conference application" and send it.

  • STEP 2

    The person in charge will contact you for confirmation

    Later, the person in charge will contact you by email or phone to confirm. If it is difficult to arrange the desired date and time, we will adjust the date and time of the business meeting.

  • STEP 3

    Online Business Negotiations

    When it is time for business negotiations, please launch your desired web conferencing application. If you are new to online business negotiations or are still unfamiliar with it, please be assured that the person in charge will explain it in advance.

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