Living in beautiful nature


Thank you for visiting our website. We are developing our real estate business mainly in Niseko, and we propose real estate sales unique to this region along with this beautiful nature. We have a wide range of knowledge and experience to support you according to your requirements.

Features of our company


Deep relationship of trust with local people


As a trusted real estate company in Niseko, we have worked with our customers for many years. We are proud of our achievements to date that have deepened the relationship of trust between us and the local people. In order to help our customers, we value the relationship of trust.


Proposing real estate tailored to customers' lifestyles and needs


At our company, it is important to propose real estate that meets the lifestyles and needs of our customers. We listen to your wishes and propose real estate sales tailored to you. By helping our customers, we strive to enrich their lifestyles.


Knowledgeable about laws and regulations related to real estate sales


We have a wealth of knowledge of laws and regulations related to buying and selling so that real estate transactions can be conducted smoothly. We strive to minimize risks so that our customers can consider buying and selling real estate with peace of mind. We will also give you advice tailored to your requirements. Please leave it to a real estate professional.