When selling real estate in Kutchan or Niseko, there are fees involved after the procedure and sale. 
We will explain the timing of selling real estate in Kutchan and Niseko, taking into account costs.

■Best time to sell real estate

The following costs will be incurred when selling real estate in Kutchan/Niseko.

・Stamp tax
・Registration license tax
・Brokerage fee
・Tax on gains from real estate sales
・Expenses such as measurement amount and cleaning costs, etc.

When selling real estate in Kutchan/Niseko, you will need a stamp to affix to the contract. 
Also, when real estate is sold, the name of the real estate changes from the seller to the buyer. 
When changing the name of real estate (registration), registration and license tax must be paid. 
In addition to name change, if other registration procedures such as mortgage cancellation are required when selling real estate, the corresponding registration and license tax will also be a necessary expense. 

When selling real estate or land in Kutchan or Niseko through an intermediary, a brokerage fee will also be charged. 
In addition to this, please note that if you need to conduct land surveying or property cleaning when selling real estate, these costs will be charged separately. 

When selling real estate in Kutchan/Niseko, the profits from the sale are taxed. 
It is not a tax on the sale price itself, but a tax on the profit if a profit is made from the sale of real estate. 
You need to be careful because the larger the profit from selling real estate in Kutchan/Niseko, the higher the tax may be. 

One of the timings to sell real estate in Kutchan/Niseko is ``timing when you can save costs.'' 
For example, the tax rate differs between long-term and short-term real estate ownership, so one way is to sell real estate when you have long-term ownership (over 5 years), when the tax rate will be lower. 
In this way, by effectively utilizing systems, special provisions, deductions, etc., you can reduce the cost burden of selling real estate, so it is also recommended to consider selling real estate at a time when you can reduce the cost (when you can take advantage of various systems and deductions, etc.). 

The best timing to sell real estate varies depending on the purpose and circumstances at the time of sale, as well as the type and condition of the real estate, so please feel free to consult with us. 
A real estate professional specializing in Kutchan/Niseko will make suggestions regarding the timing and method of selling. 

■Current status of real estate sales in Kutchan and Niseko 

The prices of real estate in Kutchan and Niseko are on the rise. 
The reason why real estate prices in Kutchan and Niseko are on the rise is because Kutchan and Niseko are attracting attention worldwide. 
The Kutchan/Niseko area is gaining recognition as a world-class resort area, and the surrounding area is also popular as a vacation home area. 
As it becomes popular, demand increases. 
As demand increases, the selling price of real estate also increases. 
The rising trend of real estate prices in the Kutchan/Niseko area is also related to the increased attention and demand from both domestic and international markets. 


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Our company has the following characteristics: 

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Costs when selling real estate in Kutchan, Niseko